What is Upcycling?

When I think about life, I think in terms of upcycling: This basically means taking something that isn’t working, and changing it so that it does work. If you’re thinking in a way that is counter-productive, you change those thoughts so they start working for you. If you’re doing something that isn’t working, you start doing something better. If you’re doing nothing, you figure out why you’re doing nothing and challenging that–it could be that you don’t really believe in what you think you should be doing, or that you’re afraid you won’t be successful.

There is also huge value in recognizing your positive features and abilities and using them to do great things, instead of focusing on the things you don’t like or don’t think you’re good at. Dwelling on what you don’t like or what you “can’t do” won’t get you anywhere! It’s a powerful thing when you finally learn to swim with the current of your life, instead of against it.

When you upcycle, you put yourself in a positive cycle, instead of going down or going nowhere at all. Upcycle your thoughts, perceptions of yourself, relationships that are stale or bitter, and worldview. Once you do that, you can upcycle your actions and finally start getting where you want to be!