What Burnout? Leading Reengagement both at Work and Home

As the wife of a resident and with my own background in health administration and counseling, it has been a prerogative of mine to learn about ways to protect and promote the happiness and well-being of busy people and families, especially those who are employed in healthcare. A quick glimpse at the research will tell you that burnout and disengagement among physicians especially is not only common and a contributor to staffing shortages and turnover, but also disastrous in terms of the effects it has on patient care and accuracy.

Over the past couple of years I have been conducting research on the effects of a wellness self-coaching method for physicians and resident physicians in preventing professional burnout and symptoms associated with stress, depression, and anxiety. I’m also working with physicians at our local hospital to develop a program that includes regular assessment, improved resource utilization, implementation of brief wellness activities, and training for peer physician coaches. Key in this process is helping physicians and their families to re-frame and rediscover both personal and professional needs and desires.

On this site I’m hoping to share progress and ideas with anyone who is interested in ¬†joining us in supporting the people who sacrifice so much of their time and energy to keeping us well. I’m also available for workshops and consultation for organizations and groups interested in increasing wellness, engagement, and retention among their employees. Please contact me here for more information.

7 thoughts on “What Burnout? Leading Reengagement both at Work and Home

  1. I’m so happy that I found your site, I am have just accomplished 6 months of abstinence from a 20 year long bulimia/food addiction. I am still such a work in progress and need so much guidance, but I can honestly say that the biggest reason I am here is God. I started seeking God and attending meetings, and have a new life. Food is still hard and confusing.. what to eat, when, how, but I really thank God that I found your site.

    • I can’t thank you enough for sharing. There are so many days when I wonder if what I’m trying to do is having an effect, and so it really is hearing from people like you that keeps me going. And you know what? I think we ALL are a work in progress, in one way or another! Even when we get to the place we want to be when it comes to food or whatever, there are always other areas we would like to work on.

      God is amazing. It’s funny how, once you begin to really trust in Him, His plan, and the TIMING of that plan, you find that everything begins to just fall into place. What a wonderful experience!

      Congratulations on your abstinence–YOU are amazing and I know you will be such an inspiration in the lives of many. God bless you and I hope we will keep in touch!

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