About Justine

I’m an author, speaker, and consultant, specializing in personal and professional engagement, especially for physician families. I have a background in health administration and counseling, and have two toddler girls with my husband and best friend, who is currently a resident physician. We’ve moved from coast to coast while facing the challenges associated with both medical training and starting a new family.

Although I have to admit there were plenty of days I wished we would have just taken the easier path had my husband stayed at his old job as a chemist, this more difficult road has ultimately allowed both of us to learn and grow in ways that we otherwise never would have. My goal is to help both healthcare workers and their families find support and solutions throughout their own journeys to fulfillment both at work and at home.

Previous to this work I wrote a book on eating disorder recovery that has been helpful both for individuals who are suffering and for their loved ones who may not know what they are going through or how to support them. The book, You Can’t Just Eat a Cheeseburger: How to thrive through eating disorder recovery, is filled with tried-and-true techniques, expert advice from nationally-recognized professionals, and real people in recovery from across the United States and beyond.You Can't Just Eat a Cheeseburger



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