What will you find here?

The perspective of this blog will be from both a family and professional lens, as I’m not only married to a resident physician but also involved in my own work related to health administration and counseling. Over the past few years I have been involved in research related to physician wellness, burnout, and engagement, which is finally starting to get more of the attention it deserves. Wellness of the healthcare family unit is of course a special area of interest of mine: While training and medical life can bring special challenges to both spouses and children, strong families do seem to have a positive impact on overall physician resilience and well-being.

So what about the singles? In future posts I will touch on how we can be supportive of healthcare professionals who seem to be having trouble finding supportive connections, as isolation certainly is a risk factor for emotional and professional disturbances. It’s something I’m also addressing in the comprehensive program I’m developing at our local hospital.

In the coming weeks and months I hope to talk a bit about a few things, both systemic and family-related. Some of these topics include:


  • The nuts and bolts of systemic contributors to professional burnout–and conversely, professional engagement
  • How organizations can implement brief periodic assessment protocols related to physician satisfaction, engagement, and well-being
  • The basics of incorporating mentor/coach relationships within the workplace
  • Ways to promote a sense of autonomy in physicians
  • How to implement time/cost-effective means of addressing issues identified by way of assessments and mentorships


  • How physician/healthcare families can grow and reconnect amidst personal and special professional challenges
  • How spouses of physicians can better understand what their loved ones are dealing with and support them
  • Advice for spouses on getting more involved in healthcare issues and advocacy
  • How spouses can foster individual growth, strength, and independence, without distancing themselves from their partners
  • Tips for enriching family life amidst time and money shortages






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