Vegetable Beef Pot Roast

As I write this I’m making a delicious beef and vegetable pot roast, because I want to make it up to my husband for yesterday’s kale chip fiasco (btw when he walked in the door earlier he said, “It still reeks like that kale in here!”).

I’ve had two interesting cooking days in a row now, because as soon as I started cooking the pot roast I got splattered with hot oil–


And I had not quite finished cleaning all of it off of my arms and hand when every single fire alarm in our house (there are four of them) began to go off. Luckily, I was able to open the windows, turn on the oven fan, and wave my arms around like a crazy person below the alarms enough to get them to stop before any neighbors came by to make sure I wasn’t going to burn down the neighborhood (we live in a duplex so this actually would have been a possibility).

Before I started I found a basic pot roast recipe to base mine off of, even though I’ve seen my mom make it a few times; I wanted to make sure that if you decided to go along with me on this part of the challenge we’d have the same simple recipe to follow together. Right now I’m waiting for the vegetables to finish cooking. I’m getting a little impatient because I probably started cooking three hours ago (I had to stop in the middle to go pick up my husband–we’re still looking for a new car for him since we left his old beater in North Dakota when we moved). It’s getting close, and I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s going to taste good.

Can’t you almost smell it? 😉

Beef is one of those foods that’s gotten a bad rap, because many cuts contain a lot of fat. But as long as you pick the right kinds of beef, like round steaks and roasts, top loin, top siroin, or chuck shoulder and arm roasts (Source: USDA), it’s actually a wonderful, iron-rich source of protein (listen up, ladies who are at that certain time of the month–you need it right now!). According to the Self NutritionData website, it’s also a good source of Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus and Zinc, and a very good source of Protein and Selenium. Hungry yet? 😉

Now, fast forward a little bit to the pot roast Verdict: I was definitely pleased with how this tasted, and my carnivore hubby loved it. He was actually really happy when I told him we’d probably be having leftovers for a little while (I’m planning on shredding it and adding some barbecue sauce to make barbecue beef sandwiches one night). I love the fact that I’m giving my body one of the best sources of iron, and I know my workout tomorrow will be better because of it!

Oh, and just a side note–my husband totally finished off the entire bowl of kale chips for a snack while he was studying after dinner. Not bad for something he said “smells like B.O.!!!!”

What’s your favorite way to eat beef? Do you have a special pot roast recipe?

Keep in touch, and keep it real!



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