Grandma Minnie’s Cinnamon Roll Pies

I’m reeeeeally excited to share a very special recipe/trick from my own grandma today. Even though it’s not exactly a “healthy” treat, it’s one that’s very close to my heart and that I think you’ll enjoy. If you ever make traditional pies–something I consider a necessity for the holidays–and you wonder what to do with all those extra little pie crust scraps, look no further!

Did you just drool on your keyboard a little bit? That’s okay. Me too. 😉

Here’s how you make these delightful little bites of bliss:

Roll your extra dough (or if you have a family like mine who LOVES these, use a whole crust-worth of dough!) out into a rectangular(ish) shape.

Spread a thin layer of butter over the top, then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar (yum).

Roll the crust dough just like you would for cinnamon rolls.

Slice–again, like cinnamon rolls. Use a very sharp knife and cut very gently (slide the knife back and forth across the top instead of pushing straight down), or do the dental floss trick where you loop it around the dough and pull to cut.

Sprinkle with a little extra cinnamon-sugar love.

Bake at 425 for about 35 minutes, or until everything is nice and browned and flaky (check to make sure the bottoms and middles aren’t still doughy–oven time will depend on how thick or thin you roll your dough).

Viola (almost–scroll down)!

These are perfect on top of plates that perfectly match the ones my grandma used to have (they’re quite common–you may have some of them in your kitchen right now too!). 🙂

Now, for the final special touch: When my husband first tasted these he asked if I could make a glaze for them, like cinnamon rolls. I obliged, and he said they tasted just like his favorite treat (Twisters) that HIS grandma used to make for him! He said that’s what happens when you combine my cooking/baking skills with his appetite. 😉

I hope you get a chance to try this recipe soon (very soon). I think you’ll love it!

What’s your favorite thing to do with those extra scraps of pie crust? What are your favorite special foods your grandma made for you?

Keep in touch, and keep it real!



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