Hubby’s Favorite Breakfast Smoothie

Today I’d like to share with you my hubby’s current favorite breakfast:

It was my neighbor who initially gave me the idea after seeing my banana ice cream post. She mentioned that she threw in a peach with hers, and that got me thinking: My husband is not a breakfast eater, and now that he’s started medical school, there are plenty of rushed, stressful mornings where he has even less of an appetite. But an empty stomach isn’t good for a busy mind or body!

Enter the smoothie. If you want to do this for breakfast, make sure you peel and freeze a very ripe banana the night before. The next morning, cut it up and put it into your food processor.

Process until it looks like this.

Then cut up a ripe peach into chunks. You can leave the skin on, because there’s so much good stuff in it! And it will get all chopped up anyway. Use a frozen peach if you want your smoothie thicker.

Puree away! When it reaches a nice delicious consistency, pour into a glass and enjoy. I put my hubby’s in a thermos so he can sip it on the way to school or whenever he starts to feel a little more hungry.

There’s no reason to miss breakfast anymore!

Keep in touch, and keep it real!



5 thoughts on “Hubby’s Favorite Breakfast Smoothie

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  2. This looks so good…maybe adding some plain Greek yogurt to the mix would be great for some protein!! I’ve got to try this! Thank you, Justine!

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