DIY Spring Gift Baskets

Today’s project is a fun way of celebrating spring, thanking someone, or just letting them know you care! I used these springy gift baskets to say thank you to the people I worked with at my counseling internship this year, and they definitely got some big smiles!

Here’s what you’ll need for each basket:

Any cute “spring” colored basket or box (I found mine at the dollar store!)

Pastel-colored tissue paper

Easter basket grass

Decorative sticks (try pinwheels or other garden-style decorations)

Small sandwich baggies (tie-style)

Curling Ribbon

Ingredients for snack mixes (See the recipes I used below)

I filled my baskets with three types of snack mixes: a sweet, a salty, and a sweet-and-salty.

For the sweet, I made a s’mores mix that consisted of Golden Graham cereal, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips:

For salty, I made a mix with Crispix cereal (find the recipe I used here):

And for my sweet and salty, I made an “Easter Bunny” mix with peanuts, raisins, pastel M & M’s, and pretzels!

When the mixes were made, I divided them up into the snack baggies and tied them with my Easter/pastel-colored curling ribbon (pink, blue, yellow, and white). I scrunched up some tissue paper inside the baskets and then covered the tissue with the Easter grass. Then I placed one of each kind of snack mix into each basket, and secured some of the decorative sticks into the middle (you may have to poke holes into the tissue paper if you can’t get them to stand up).

To finish them all off, I printed off some slips of paper that said, “With all the hard work you do, I thought you could use a little energy!”, punched holes in them, and secured them to the decorative sticks.

Simple, inexpensive, and much-appreciated by those you love–give this one a try!

Love, Hope, & Prayers,

Justine Duppong


6 thoughts on “DIY Spring Gift Baskets

  1. This is very creative! I would love to receive one of these from someone. The mix with the m&ms, peanuts and stuff looks YUM. Great way to show appreciation for your friends and colleagues. I found you on “latest blogs” by the way.

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