When Depression (Really) Hurts

You may have heard that commercial for depression medication that says, “Depression hurts.” Before I’d ever experienced any real depression myself, I didn’t think too much about that phrase, beyond the obvious–that yes, emotionally, depression doesn’t feel very good.

But if you’ve ever experienced depression to the point where you’re feeling more than just a little down, you know how true that phrase literally is, too: When you’re seriously depressed, it can actually physically hurt. Your might have aching muscles, a headache, unexplained fatigue, or back pain. You might have trouble sleeping, or find that your appetite has changed.

The last time I was really depressed, I remember sitting on my couch and actually thinking, “Ow,” and also, “Wow”–I was literally amazed by how much my body was hurting, too! But even though I was feeling downright horrible, I had to remind myself that no matter how awful I felt both inside and out, things would be better soon; I knew that as painful as some emotions may be, they really don’t last forever.

If you find yourself feeling so sad it hurts, the most important thing to remember is that no matter what’s going on in your life now, it really is only temporary. It might seem unimaginable at the time, but even tomorrow things will probably feel much better. Once you teach yourself to remember that fact in the moment when you are feeling troubled, you’ll likely find those troubling feelings just a little easier to deal with. Also remember to keep talking about how you’re feeling, both with the important people in your life, and hopefully with a professional who’s trained to help you, too.

No matter how much it might hurt right now, keep your head up–the future is bright!

Love, Hope, and Prayers,

Justine Duppong


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